Blowing the Whistle on Bombardier, Skate Party, Snow Clearing + more!

Blowing the Whistle on Bombardier, Skate Party, Snow Clearing + more!

2.08.2018 | News, Newsletters

Councillor Augimeri Blows Whistle On Bombardier

You may have seen recent stories regarding Bombardier’s lands in Downsview.

I learned that the company was secretly looking to sell the land to buyers for the express purpose of building apartments. This is not permitted under current zoning. Bombardier, in its dealings, implied that the zoning could change because it would make their land worth a lot more money.

I blew the whistle on Bombardier to stop the secret meetings, to highlight the impossibility of its goals, and to ensure that even if they do sell, the use of this land (for jobs/employment) will not change under my watch without full and open public scrutiny and community involvement.

You may ask “why not housing on these lands?”. Even if permitted, housing on these lands will not be single-family homes. Under new density rules, any new housing would likely be blocks of high-density high-rise apartment towers. This would increase traffic to unbearable levels, put massive pressure on our sewer infrastructure, make life unlivable for residents, and simply not fit with the character of Downsview’s surrounding neighbourhoods. It is the same reason I have been fighting against the sale and development of Downsview Park which aims to put 10,000 new units on federal park land.

This is the second reason to oppose re-zoning of these lands. Think about what out-of-control high rises would mean when Bombardier moves away? Without the restrictions of the Bombardier runway, incredible density increases would be permitted to be built on Downsview Park ballooning the 10,000 planned units to triple that amount. Simply put, the runway restricts the heights of new buildings in our neighbourhood. Without the runway, the sky would be the limit on new developments from Highway 401 all the way to Steeles Avenue.

The third reason to oppose is because of the importance of the zoning that currently exists on the Bombardier lands. The Bombardier lands is currently zoned “employment” which means only jobs-related buildings are permitted, not homes. People need places to work as much as places to live. Additionally, employment lands count for the largest chunk of the City’s tax revenue which helps keep your property taxes low. Over the last few decades employment lands were being converted to residential in our city at a rate that would cause a financial crisis. That’s why in 2013 Council voted to adopt enhanced protections for these lands.

While having an airport and factory there seems undesirable, especially for those who have to endure the traffic as shift changes happen at the assembly plant, the alternative, I’m afraid, is much worse. 10′s of thousands of new apartment units and all the traffic and issues that come with that. That is why I am intent on ensuring that the zoning on this land does not change.

We’ve been dealing with so much uncertainty regarding the sale and development of the federal lands at Downsview, I will not allow Bombardier to pile on to those problems with housing plans of their own.

While I cannot stop Bombardier lands from being sold as it is a private company, I will protect the use of these lands to keep jobs in our city and to stop runaway development from overrunning our community.

I will keep you updated with more as I know it.

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Snow Clearing – What To Know
We are deep into that time of year where snow is making our lives more difficult. Many of you have called my office to try nd understand when and how snow clearing happens. Below is a service chart that you can follow.

You can also monitor the whereabouts of the snow plows here (caution: not 100% accurate).

For more information, including the clearing of sidewalks, paths, and windrows, you can read more here.

This Sunday! Skate Party at Grandravine Community Centre
Make the best of the cold weather and come skate with me!

Sunday, February 11
3:15 – 5:15pm
Grandravine Community Centre
23 Grandravine Drive

Snacks and Hot Chocolate Provided
Please bring your own skates!

Celebrate Family Day in the City
You can enjoy a variety of free outdoor and indoor activities in our community and across the city this Family Day February 19.

Roding Community Centre will offer Family Day Arts and Crafts, Parent and Tot Crafts and Songs, Board Games, Sports and Fitness and a Youth Drop-in Basketball time. All programs will operate from 1 to 4 p.m. The Roding Arena will be open from 1 to 4 p.m.

Grandravine Community Centre will be providing Family Day Recreation fun including Family Bocce, Yoga, Playtime with Caregiver and dedicated Youth Space from 1 to 4 p.m. The Grandravine Arena will be open from 1 to 4 p.m. for Family Skate time.

Children must be accompanied by an adult for all activities.

Additionally, across the City there are 52 outdoor rinks or skating trails to choose from across the city, weather permitting. Many indoor arenas will also be open. There is no charge for public skating at the City’s indoor arenas and outdoor rinks.

Family Day schedules are available online at, or by calling 311.

Door To Door Sales Banned in March
As part of new legislation, salespeople are not allowed to knock on your door to sell you products or services beginning March 1.

So that means those pesky insurance salesmen, air conditioning or furnace rental people, duct cleaning etc. are not allowed to knock on your door beginning in March.

To read all the details and know more about how to protect yourself, please click here.

CTV News: Door-to-door sales ban in effect on March 1

Be Kind: Pick Up After Your Dog

My office has been getting complaints about people carelessly not picking up after their dog, and trespassing on people’s lawns where their dogs do their business. Dogs are becoming increasingly common in households. As our furry friend population grows, it is worth reminding you that we can always be more kind to our neighbours and pick up after our dogs. Carry with you bags and dispose of them properly at home (either in your green bin or in your compost).

Downsview Library Programs This Month!
Downsview Library is a hub of amazing activity and programs. Everything from Virtual Reality to 3D printing workshops.
Check out what’s on this month!

Next Phase of Basement Flooding Prevention Program Set to Begin
The July 2013 mega-storm hit our community, and Toronto hard. The City of Toronto put extra funding in the flooding protection program to accelerate updates and changes. The next phase of the study is set to begin and much of our area is included.Everything from sewer rehabs to new infrastructure upgrades will all be studied and included as needed.

You should have received the details about it in the mail but if you haven’t, you can read more about it here.

You can also help by filling out a survey about your property (if you are in the catchment area) here.

Got old sports gear you don’t need or use anymore?
Tumpane Public School desperately needs gently used kids hockey gloves to assist with their recreational programs. Your support is greatly appreciated, it’s all about the kids!

Contact Tumpane Public School here:

48 Tumpane St,
North York, ON
M3M 1L8

(416) 395-2950

Meet Our New Protégée
Every year I take on a young women to shadow me in my duties as part of the long successful protégée program by the City of Toronto. This year I am pleased to introduce Shreya Nayak as my new protégée. Even at such a young age, she is extremely accomplished and her resume is as long as my arm. Welcome, and I hope you find the experience fulfilling!

You can follow her on twitter at @itsshreyaxo

Black Creek Community Health Centre Needs Your Help
As part of Black History Month, and Black Health Month, Black Creek Community Health Centre is holding many events. One of which is a fun night for local youth to go see the movie Black Panther, which is considered a Black-positive representation of people of African descent.

Currently, they can only bring 30 young people to the movie and are looking for sponsorship (ticket costs) to assist with bringing more.

If you feel you can contribute, please contact Black Creek Community Health Centre directly at, 416-249-8000, or Your support is appreciated.