September 2017 Update – Downsview Job Fair, Coyotes in Roding Park, Downsview Gets a New EMS Station + more!

September 2017 Update – Downsview Job Fair, Coyotes in Roding Park, Downsview Gets a New EMS Station + more!

9.28.2017 | News, Newsletters

Jobs Jobs Jobs!
As you know, the Shops at Wilson (the new commercial development at 75 Billy Bishop Way) is beginning to open. I have been working closely with the team at Build Toronto to set up an online job fair for employment opportunities in the shops. Some shops have already opened like Carter’s Oshkosh and Moores, with SnuggleBugz opening this weekend. Starbucks, Nail Gallery and A&W to open soon.

Ongoing Job Opportunities will be available here:

That link just went online and you can begin applying now.

DO NOT FEED the Coyotes in Roding Park
Over the last many months, coyotes have been appearing in Roding Park.

While the sighting of the odd coyote is perfectly natural, and can be a sign of ecological health and balance in our parks, what is not natural is the encouragement of their contact with humans and pets by feeding them.

These are wild feral animals that are unpredictable in their behaviour.

Feeding and interacting with coyotes makes their presence dangerous for all in the park. It encourages their numbers, and makes them less timid of humans (including children) which can lead to attacks, and other harm.

I have directed staff to seek out and remove the coyote dens in the park in an effort to reduce their presence.

But I cannot emphasize enough how unwise and irresponsible activity like that pictured below is.

On multiple occasions activity like above has been directly addressed and yet this activity apparently still continues. If you witness activity like this, please report it to my office.


Speeding! Please Slow Down
It is back to school season and our community has many kids walking to and from school. It is vitally important to keep an eye out for children walking even crossing our roads in unpredictable ways. It is incumbent upon all of us in cars to keep an eye out, observe speed limits and be extra cautious in school zones.

If you would like a Please Slow Down sign installed near you, you can pick one up at my community office or have one delivered by contacting me. Please click here for contact info.

Brand New Paramedic Station on Wilson
Years in the making, this brand new station is state of the art, multi-functional and adds an essential service to our burgeoning Health and Wellness District on Wilson Ave. Click here for some preview photos of the new station’s grand opening.

Brand New Splash Pad at Spenvalley Park Update
The new splashpad and play area at Spenvalley park is almost complete.  While the water hookups still need assembly, the structure is complete beautifully and will be ready for opening and use early 2018.

Aptus Teaching Landscape Planting Event October 14th
Aptus has been a great community partner in the Anthony Road community. Here is a chance for you to get involved in one of their many events. Details below.

Madonna C.S. Annual Walk-A-Thon, October 11
For 55 years Madonna Catholic School has supported the endeavors of young women from across the city. In order to continue to provide quality resources that enrich student learning.  This spirit- filled, community building walk a thon will not only support Madonna by providing money for a number of school initiatives, but funds collected will also be used to support the official TCDSB charity, The Angel Foundation.  The foundation will be celebrating 30th anniversary, serving the needs of students in the TCDSB by nutritional, education, social and emergency support programs.

I am proud to be part of this endeavour. If you want to get involved, or show support please contact my office.

Murray Road Update
Some of you attended the Murray Road Study update in August. For those who want to see the material and the progress being made on this study, please check out this link.

If you have any questions about it, please contact Community Planner Ben DiRaimo at 416-395-7119 or

Sewer Works in Downsview
As part of the ongoing state-of-good-repair work happening in our community, below for your information is new sewer work being conducted in our community.

From 24 San Vitoway to Sheppard Ave W
20‐Sep – 13‐Oct during the day
Sewer inspection and cleaning

2830 Keele St
During the day
Dye Test

Humber River Hospital Satisfaction Levels Through The Roof
According to surveys, Humber River Hospital rated first in patient satisfaction amongst all participating large community hospitals in Ontario and sixth overall amongst all hospitals in Ontario.

According to the survey, in 2015-16 Humber River Hospital’s Patient Satisfaction score was 60.9%. However, in 2016-17, this score jumped to 72%, an increase of 11%. In addition, when Humber River Hospital patients were asked “would you recommend Humber River Hospital to family and friends?” – 82% replied “Yes”.

This is further evidence that Downsview is becoming a hub of excellence, innovation and satisfaction.

Canada 150 Community Award application – ends this week
Your MP Michael Levitt will be hosting an event called “15 for 150” where he will recognize and honour fifteen constituents, business owners or non-profit leaders that make a real difference and impact to York Centre, Ontario and Canada.

1. Youth Advocacy
2. Environmental Activism
3. Volunteerism (2)*
4. Multiculturalism, Diversity and Inclusion (2)
5. Advancement of Gender Equality
6. Honouring our Veterans and Service Personnel
7. Community Leadership (2)
8. Mental Health and Health Advocacy
9. Social Services Leadership (2)
10. Indigenous peoples Advocacy
11. York Centre Legacy Award

* Indicates 2 awards will be given in that category.

Application criteria:
1. Must reside or own/operate a business/non-profit in the riding of York Centre.
2. Must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.
3. Applicants may apply for a maximum of two categories.

Applications will be selected by a non-partisan committee panel.

The application deadline is THIS Friday September 29th, 2017 at 5 p.m. To apply or request an application package reach out directly to his office at 416-638-3700 or email

Once an application is filled out please send it to or mail applications to:
Michael Levitt, MP
660 Wilson Ave.
North York ON M3K1E1

The awards will be presented at a ceremony on Sunday October 29th, 2017.

Looking to become a Protégée to a City Councillor?
This unique program pairs young female Torontonians with female City Councillors for six months. Learn about the opportunities for women in local government, gain hands-on experience and understand the multi-faceted role of a City Councillor and City Staff.

Apply to the Protégée Program here and the deadline is October 15.

Know a Woman Who is Making a Difference in the Lives of Others?
YWCA wants to celebrate her.

Every year, YWCA Toronto honours the work of remarkable women who are creating new opportunities for women and girls in our city and around the globe in a wide array of areas such as business, education, social justice, advocacy, arts, health and philanthropy.

To nominate a Woman of Distinction. Click here.

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