April 2017, EXCLUSIVE: New Subway Station Pics, Jane’s Walk in Downsview + more!

April 2017, EXCLUSIVE: New Subway Station Pics, Jane’s Walk in Downsview + more!

4.13.2017 | News, Newsletters

Exclusive Photos of Our New Subway Stations
I had the pleasure of touring our new Downsview Park subway station recently as well as the new Pioneer Village station. I will let the photos speak for themselves. SEE THEM HERE.

Jane’s Walk – Downsview Dells, Downsview Park
May 6 is going to be a busy day to learn about Downsview. At 1pm, I will be hosting a walk of the Downsview Dells which will feature the urban natural environment that the Dells represents. What happens when our properties and the natural environment begin to compete for space, tree, plant and animal species in the Dells and much more. Join me and TRCA staff as we walk the paths and learn what in the Dells is going on!

Jane’s Walk – Downsview Dells – What In The Dells Is Going On!
Saturday May 6 @ 1PM
3100 Keele street (Parking Lot)
Dells, Ravine, Slope collapse, restabilization, flora and fauna and more!
Led by Councillor Maria Augimeri and TRCA staff.

Additionally, Rosanna Seca-Iaboni of the Downsview Lands Community Voice Association (DLCVA) is hosting two walks of Downsview Park; it’s more than just concerts! Everything from the military history, to the business startups, and the “lake”. It all gets covered by Rosanna Seca-Iaboni.

Downsview Park; it’s more than just concerts!
70 Canuck Ave
Led by Rosanna Seca-Iaboni,
Saturday May 6, 2017, 3:30 PM, 2 Hours
Sunday May 7, 2017, 3:00 PM, 2 Hours

York-Centre Summit
Join your local, provincial and federal area representatives for York-Centre’s latest summit to discuss everything going on in our community. See the flyer here.

Sunday April 30
Antibes Community Centre
140 Antibes Dr.

To RSVP or for more info:

Downsview’s Got Talent!
This is a talent call-out for anyone in our community that has a talent to showcase. The upcoming Reading Sprouts Garden Festival beside Jane-Sheppard Library will take place on June 10 and I want to showcase YOU.

Do you got a talent you want to showcase?

Contact my office by May 10. Councillor_Augimeri@toronto.ca or 416-392-4021

Downsview Station Names, They Are A-Changing
That’s right, beginning Sunday May 7, the name for Downsview Station will change to Sheppard West Station. This is in anticipation of our new subway stations opening later this year, one of which is the new Downsview Park station at Chesswood and Sheppard.

As of May 7, 2017:
Downsview Station will change to Sheppard West Station

As of new subway line opening in late 2017, northbound from Wilson will look like:

  • Wilson Station
  • Sheppard West Station
  • Downsview Park Station
  • Finch West Station
  • York University Station
  • Pioneer Village Station
  • Highway 407 Station
  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station

Dufferin/Wilson Regeneration Study Now Public
As part of Downsview’s ongoing renewal, Dufferin and Wilson has been the subject of a study to make it more pedestrian friendly and look at the area’s future through a holistic and community focused lens. After many years, and much community input, the Regeneration Area study has now been made public and I will push for its approval at Council at the end of this month. Read the report here.

More Protection For Tenants
At City Council last month, we passed new rules that help protect tenants and improve their living conditions. I’m very excited about these new rules and spoke about them in Council.
You can watch my video here.
Read about the new rules here.

York Community Centre Open – Photos
The new York Community Centre is the model for the one eventually planned for Downsview. I did a tour of this amazing new building to see what’s in store, and what could be done better when it eventually comes to Downsview. See the photos here.

Men’s Briscola Tournament
Grandravine Community Centre hosted the 2017 Senior Men’s Briscola tournament. Check out the action-packed photos here.

Downsview Ravine Restoration Featured Publication
Downsview’s ravine restoration has been featured in a prominent engineering publication as a best practice endeavour. Read the magazine here.

Celebrate Earth Day at the APTUS Teaching Landscape

  • Help plant a berry thicket at APTUS Teaching Landscape
  • Volunteers will help prep the soil and plant 100 berry bushes!
  • All ages and abilities welcome
  • Drinks and snacks will be provided.

APTUS Earth Day
Saturday April 22 @ 10am-12pm
111 Anthony Road

In celebration of Earth Day, please bring your own water bottle
With questions, please text/call: 416-407-5062 or email: info@teachinglandscape.com

In case you missed it, you can also check out a few photos of the APTUS centre’s greenhouse opening here.

Become a Member of the Black Creek Garden Resource Network
Become a member and order your seeds and seedlings before MAY 20th! With our seedlings membership, you get access to local and organic seeds and seedlings at a discounted price.  Extra discounts are available for seniors and low income members.  Deadline for seedlings memberships is May 20th! For more info and how to apply, click here.

The Black Creek Garden Resource Network (BCGRN) is an initiative supported by a network of food- and health-based organizations in the Black Creek neighbourhood.

Downsview Library Upcoming Programs
Downsview Library is an amazing hub of learning, entertainment and fun. There are too many great upcoming programs to list. So just bookmark this link here and browse.

Roding Community Centre Upgrades
Over the next year, Roding Community Centre will experience some major renovations to make our community space better than ever. Some of these upgrades will include:

  • Replacing interior finishes at lobby (flooring, wall paint, ceiling)
  • Improvements at existing front entrance (motorized doors and vestibule area)
  • Improvements at existing office (reception area, office, safe storage)
  • Improvements at multipurpose rooms (counters, wall paint, ceiling, window glazing units)
  • Improvements at washrooms (fixtures, partitions, add a universal barrier-free washroom)
  • Flooring replacement at existing dressing room
  • Flooring replacement at existing gym
  • Improvements at mechanical room (storage and chemicals separation wall)
  • Design and development will take place this year and construction will begin in 2018.

Contact my office with any questions.

Construction at Pearson Airport and Airplane Noise
I have been informed that due to some runway construction happening at Pearson Airport. This may result in new flight paths that can increase air traffic noise experienced in our community. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the GTAA’s Noise Office at: 416-247-7682

Branson Urgent Care Centre Closing – Your Help Needed
Some in our community may be using this facility at Finch and Bathurst and are concerned about its future. The Branson Community Action Group is opposing the closure and needs your help. Attend the upcoming Town Hall or Group Meeting to get involved.

Branson Residents Community Group Committee Meeting
Thursday April 13
Bathurst-Finch Hub
Community Room 2
540 Finch Ave W

Town Hall
Monday April 24
Northview Heights Secondary School
550 Finch Avenue West

Make your voice heard. Volunteer.
More info: victoriadjds@gmail.com, 416-303-5472

Happy Easter!