Humber River Regional Hospital (HRRH)

Humber River Regional Hospital (HRRH)

12.22.2009 | News

Councillor Augimeri welcomes plans for the Humber River Regional Hospital in her ward. Designed to be a state-of-the-art facility, the new HRRH will provide the residents of Ward 9 and surrounding areas, with highest level of care and improved quality of life.

“A New Model of Care”

The new Humber River Regional Hospital will be a cutting-edge digital hospital, using the best technology possible to enhance the patient experience. The “new model of care” involves an integrated approach to health care, in partnership with residents in the community and community/government health care agencies. For more information, you can visit the Humber River Regional Hospital website by clicking here (

Humber River Regional Hospital is committed to creating a showcase hospital that will be used as a model of design and technology for decades following its anticipated opening in 2014. Plans to have 80% private patient rooms will discourage the spread of infectious diseases. Further information can be found in Councillor Augimeri’s community leaflet by clicking here (add link to pamphlet).

Forensics Services and Coroner’s Complex

The Downsview campus will also feature a new Forensics Services Building as part of its redevelopment. Scheduled to open in 2011, this opportunity provides efficient use of existing government land by bringing the Centre of Forensic Sciences, the Office of the Chief Coroner and the Provincial Forensic Pathology Unit under one roof.