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Your golden years can be challenging. Download my Senior Info Guide here for some great tips. [PDF]

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Humber River Regional Hospital (HRRH)

Councillor Augimeri welcomes plans for the Humber River Regional Hospital in her ward. Designed to be a state-of-the-art facility, the new HRRH will provide the residents of Ward 9 and surrounding areas, with highest level of care and improved quality of life.

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Latest Updates

Spring Update – Sneak Peak our New EMS station, Let’s clean our community, & more..


Let’s Clean Downsview Together This Spring!
On Saturday, April 18 join us and do your part to keep our community clean and green. Email me at and bring your neighbours out to help for our community cleanup day.

If you would like to organize one independent of my office, you can by CLICKING HERE.

SNEAK PEEK: New Paramedics Station on Wilson Ave
As part of an ongoing consultation the Wilson and Lexfield community got a sneak peek of the new EMS station going in at Wilson and Ridge Road area. It will include solar heating, a green roof, geothermal heating, and will comply with an advanced Toronto green standard. Click to see a photo of the design.

Roding Neighbourhood Watch
As part of an ongoing effort to improve park safety, increase path lighting and generally encourage community eyes on our streets, the latest Roding Neighbourhood Watch meeting discussed various initiatives and updates on safety. If you would like to take the lead in organizing a community watch in your specific area, please contact my office.

Municipal Licensing and Standards Blitz
I am pleased to report our MLS officers have done a blitz of establishments in our area to determine licensing compliance. While infractions were at a minimum, I am always looking to ensure our community is home to safe and licensed businesses. If you see unsafe practices or know of unlicensed operations happening in our community, please contact 311 or my office.

Spanish Parent Celebration Day – St. Jane Frances
The TCDSB Advisory Committee for Spanish-speaking Communities would like to invite you to our parent celebration on May 2, 2015 at St. Jane Frances Catholic Elementary School. Click here for the invitation details. En Español.

New College Coming To Downsview
Centennial College’s Aerospace Centre is cleared for take-off in Downsview. As part of the $26 million in provincial investment dollars I helped secure as the Co-Chair of the Downsview Aerospace Campus Working Group, our first educational and training institution has announced it is relocating to our community to take advantage of the resources and competitive synergies that exist at Downsview’s aerospace facilities. This is only the first step in Downsview becoming a world-class competitive Aerospace player, and a core economic powerhouse for Toronto, Ontario and Canada. Read more about it here.

Watermain Replacement projects
In an effort to constantly improve waterflow in our community these various projects will commence shortly – Dovehouse Avenue, Ashton Avenue, Montana Avenue, Cuffley Crescent (North and South) and Keelegate Drive commencing during the month of June, 2015.
NOTICE for Dovehouse Avenue
NOTICE for Cuffley Cres (N&S)
NOTICE for Ashton and Montana
FACTSHEET on Lead Pipes and Drinking Water

Community Update on 2015 Budget
This year’s budget process was not as contentious as recent ones. However there were still details in this budget that concerned me. One of the most troubling was a move to cut the security guards at our libraries. I and many of my Council colleagues successfully pushed back against this move. We restored library security. You can read more about this and other details in my note on the 2015 Budget. Click here to read it.

Tax Rebate Motion Passed
As you know, every year I hold multiple clinics to help seniors and the disabled rebates on their property tax increases. To qualify you have to have a household income of 38,000/year or less. During the budget process this year, one of the few successful changes to our budget adopted was one I pushed for which tied the qualification amount to the rate of inflation. In simple terms, this means every year the qualification amount will increase allowing more of you to qualify for a rebate for your tax increase rebate. It is a small but important change that will help Donwsview remain affordable while it continues on the rise.

Spring Construction Overview
Spring ushers in construction season in our city. Click here and then on WARD 9 to get the latest notices on construction in our community.

Report a Pothole
My annual pothole audit will begin soon, but you can help me out early by reporting a pothole in our community. You can contact my office, or call 311. You can email 311 too by clicking here.

Developments Update
As usual, you can always get the latest updates on developments in our community at my website HERE.


February Update – Family Day Skating Party + more..


Family Day Skating Party This Sunday
Make the best of the cold weather and come skate with me!

Sunday, February 15
3:15 – 5:15pm
Grandravine Community Centre
23 Grandravine Drive

Snacks and Hot Chocolate Provided
Please bring your own skates!

Downsview’s New Years Levee Photos
Downsview held its first New Year’s Levee last month. Hundreds attended, it was a great success. Check out the photos here. Read more…

December Update – Happy Holidays, Free Turkeys, Snow Removal + more


Snow Removal – Everything You Need to Know
Even before the snow starts to fall, Toronto’s winter maintenance crews swing into action and they work continuously until the storm is over, and snow is cleared. Still, here are some things to know to help make things go smoother, or if your area is missed or not done properly.


July e-blast – Downsview Video Highlights, Memorial, 120 Calvington Improves & more


Downsview Highlights Video

Click to see what’s happening in Downsview. Read more…

June Update – Help Your Neighbour in Need, Tax Clinics, Sharon Alford on Set Downsview Free + More


Help Nicole Pampena
Your neighbour, Nicole needs your help. Her family is going through an uphill battle.

Little Nicole is 19 years old, weighs 49 pounds and suffers from Cerebral Dysgenesis (Cerebral Palsy). Her father is blind and her mother has terminal liver cancer. Nicole needs round the clock nursing care in order to survive. Read more…

Spring News – Get a Free Set Downsview Free Lawn Sign, Ephraim’s Place Renovation, New Keele+Wilson Road + More


Get a Free Set Downsview Free Lawn Sign
Many of your neighbours already have taken a Set Downsview Free lawn sign. Click here to order one.

That’s right. You can show your support for the Set Downsview Free campaign by having a sign on your lawn. Our second batch of signs is arriving soon. Read more…

March News – Meet Your New TTC Chair, Maria Augimeri + More


Meet Your New TTC Chair
It is my pleasure to re-introduce myself to you as the new Chair of the City of Toronto’s Toronto Transit Commission.

I am thrilled that a majority of City Council has confidence in my abilities to run an organization that is tasked with getting 2.6 million people moving across our city every day.

In addition to being the Chair of the TTC, I continue to be your Councillor. The Chair position is a responsibility added to the already important work I will continue to do for you. I do not receive extra pay for the added duties. It is a labour of love and I pledge to serve you dutifully as my constituents and as TTC riders. Read More Here

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Community Excited About New Anthony Road Park
On March 18, the Anthony Road Community packed an open house session to view preliminary designs of the new Anthony Road Park which will contain new landscaping, a mini soccer field, a splash pad, playground amenities and more. They say it couldn’t be done, but we saved it from developers and are now building a park for you to enjoy for generations to come. See more pics here, and here.

Ice Storm Debris Pickup
With the onset of spring, the melting snow will reveal bits and pieces of wood debris generated by the December ice storm. Inaccessible until now, this remaining material will be dealt with through the City of Toronto’s leaf and yard waste regular biweekly collection that began March 11. Important Details Here Read more…

Meet The New Chair of the TTC


Dear constituents,

It is my pleasure to re-introduce myself to you as the new Chair of the City of Toronto’s Toronto Transit Commission.

I am thrilled that a majority of City Council has confidence in my abilities to run an organization that is tasked with getting 2.6 million people moving across our city every day.ttc Read more…

February News – Skating Party This Sunday, New Community Office + More


Family Skating Party This Sunday
Grandravine Community Centre will be hosting our annual February Skating Party.

Come meet your neighbours and make new friends.

Sunday February 16, 3:15-5:15pm
Grandravine Community Centre
23 Grandravine Drive

Snacks and hot chocolate provided.
Please bring your own skates.

New Community Office Open!
Getting help has never been easier!

Come down to 660 Wilson Avenue to visit my new Community Office.

I can help you with:

  • Snow Clearing Issues
  • Waste Collection Issues
  • Property Tax and Water Rebate forms
  • Downspout Disconnection Exemptions
  • By-law enforcement
  • Road and curb maintenance
  • And much more..

Click here for map

Visit soon! Read more…

December New Year’s Eve Ice Storm Update


Ice Storm Update and Aftermath

Toronto Hydro is continuing to address those without power. At the height of the storm it was estimated over 300,000 Torontonians were in the dark, though I suspect that number is higher. I was one of those 300,000 without power for 5 days. I was lucky however as I was surrounded by family and had access to a fireplace making it less difficult to endure. Read more…