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Humber River Regional Hospital (HRRH)

Councillor Augimeri welcomes plans for the Humber River Regional Hospital in her ward. Designed to be a state-of-the-art facility, the new HRRH will provide the residents of Ward 9 and surrounding areas, with highest level of care and improved quality of life.

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Latest Updates

February Update – Family Day Skating Party + more..


Family Day Skating Party This Sunday
Make the best of the cold weather and come skate with me!

Sunday, February 15
3:15 – 5:15pm
Grandravine Community Centre
23 Grandravine Drive

Snacks and Hot Chocolate Provided
Please bring your own skates!

Downsview’s New Years Levee Photos
Downsview held its first New Year’s Levee last month. Hundreds attended, it was a great success. Check out the photos here.

Skating Party Photos
Find yourself in the the photos from our Roding Skating Party last month.

Potential School Closings [VIDEO]
Recently, the TDSB have considered closing many schools, including some in our immediate and surrounding community. In Council this week, we voted to ask the Province to reconsider the TDSB’s decision to potentially close schools. These are our community assets, not just places to learn. As such, we have to look at them differently, as valuable public spaces that we can never get back once they are sold. Watch the video of my comments here.

Your Water Meters Are Being Upgraded
These new automated water meters are meant to replace or retrofit the ones in existing homes and businesses. The Water Meter Program has been quite successful to date with only 1% of customers not responding or refusing to install a meter.

However enforcement can be labour intensive. For this reason, two non-compliance fees can apply to those who have not permitted an automated water meter to be installed on their property. These customers have been contacted at least seven times to request that they book an installation appointment. The fees are as follows:

1) Has a meter that needs to be upgraded $80 Manual Meter Reading Fee (per visit)
2) Flat rate account (no meter) $1,020 Legacy Fee (annual)

If you do not have a new meter, you have until July 1 to get one. Else, these penalties may apply to you. It is vitally important you call the customer contact centre without delay at (416) 236-3837 with information about why you cannot upgrade or if you can, when it can take place.

3100 Keele Street Development Update
As you may know, 3100 Keele, the old Shriner’s Temple is being redeveloped. When the developer made an application, a community consultation took place. From this consultation I formed a panel of interested community members (as I always do) to help with the process. Our panel has been working with City Planners, and have contacted the developer to voice our concerns and give feedback.

Recently the developer has applied to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to challenge what City Planners are asking them to change. This date has been set. With City Planning on our side, I am optimistic any issues can be resolved with the community’s wishes in mind.

New Provincial Bill Aims to Curb OMB Power
As you know I, and many in our community have been a vocal critic of the Ontario Municipal Board. It takes planning power away from communities and City experts, and puts fateful decisions in the hand of unelected, unaccountable OMB judges, many who have no knowledge of our community or even Toronto. A new provincial bill aims to curb some OMB power when it comes to Toronto. While it isn’t the perfect fix for the many bad decisions the OMB makes, it is a step in the right direction. Read more about it below.

Ottawa Citizen – Bill would neuter Ontario Municipal Board
The Mirror – Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Peter Milczyn’s planning reform bill passes second reading

What the Heck is Section 37?
This term gets heard a lot when talking about developments, community benefits and money to build parks, libraries and community centres. Here is a new brochure that helps explain in detail what Section 37 is.

New No-Smoking Rules In Effect
The Province has implemented new restrictions on smoking. It is worth becoming familiar with them. Read more about the new rules here. 

Allen Road District Plans Pushed Back
At Community Council in January, plans came forward to develop the Build Toronto portion of the Allen Road District Plans. It concerned me that these plans also included some level of approval for the Donwsview Park portion of the lands. I felt it was inappropriate to allow these plans for different lands through together so I pushed back the process so I can work with staff to find out more. Read more about it here.

Live Green  – Call for Community Facilitators
The City’s Live Green Community Facilitators work with residents, groups and businesses in our area to help us clean our air and green our community. A facilitator can work with Live Green to develop ideas, engage people, and implement a variety of projects such as community gardens, green buildings, cycling and active transportation initiatives and more.

If you have an idea for a great, green project idea or want to get more involved in greening our community, please contact facilitator, Yasmin Parodi, at 416-338-3264.

More information about the facilitators and other live green programs is available at


Plumbing and Steamfitting apprentice position applications. Read more here.

Toronto Community Housing is holding elections for their Tenant Representatives. If you think you could be a Tenant Rep. Read more here.

Like working outside? A career in landscaping may be for you. Check out this flyer here for more.


December Update – Happy Holidays, Free Turkeys, Snow Removal + more


Snow Removal – Everything You Need to Know
Even before the snow starts to fall, Toronto’s winter maintenance crews swing into action and they work continuously until the storm is over, and snow is cleared. Still, here are some things to know to help make things go smoother, or if your area is missed or not done properly.


Winter safety tips

Clearing ice and snow from your property

Levels of Service for Winter Maintenance Activities

Toronto’s Winter Operations Website

Follow Toronto’s Winter Operations on Twitter

Of course you can always call or click 311, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. for info on snow removal or anything else related to City of Toronto services.

1000 Free Turkeys This Weekend
The Humber Valley District Masonic Lodge is giving away 1000 turkeys this Saturday beginning at 10 am for the 4th Annual Turkey Give Away in Downsview.

With the Holiday Season rapidly approaching, the season of charitable giving is filling the hearts of those who are able to help those who are less fortunate.

3100 Keele St, parking lot.

Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 10:00am; first come first serve.

If you know a family in need, please forward them this information.

Wilson Business Improvement Area – New Mural
The Wilson BIA is busy at work. In addition to seasonal lighting and new street banners, a mural was recently unveiled at the corner of Wilson and Dubray Avenues giving some new life and animation to this underused space. READ the North York Mirror article which covered the ceremony.

Ward Boundary Review
The boundaries of Toronto’s wards are up for review and the organizers of the review want your input. The North York District review process is taking place between January 14 to 17. Ward boundary reviews take place periodically to ensure the size and shape of each electoral district remains fair as Toronto’s neighbourhoods grow and change. Click here for more info on the meeting dates.

Job Opportunity – Parent Leaders (3 part-time contract positions)
FoodShare ( is seeking three parents/guardians to work as part of their Field to Table Schools Program, creating opportunities for parents to meet together, share ideas, discuss challenges and support each other in strengthening their commitment to healthy eating for themselves and their children.
CLICK HERE for more info, how to apply.

Job Opportunity – Front-line Campaigner with Toronto Environmental Alliance
TEA is currently hiring front-line campaign positions. The job gives you the opportunity to go door to door to speak with the public about some of Toronto’s key environmental issues. Give yourself the chance to really make a difference in local communities. The hours are from 3:00pm – 9:30pm, Monday through Friday. Starting pay is $357.50 a week. F/T and P/T hours available. CLICK HERE for more info, how to apply.

Happy Holidays, From My Family to Yours


July e-blast – Downsview Video Highlights, Memorial, 120 Calvington Improves & more


Downsview Highlights Video

Click to see what’s happening in Downsview.


Reading Sprouts Garden Opens
On Saturday July 26, Reading sprouts Garden opened right beside the Jane Sheppard Library. This beautiful park features an amphitheatre, beautiful furniture, knowledge and wisdom themed murals done by local youth, and its name emerges from a naming contest held at 4 local schools –the winning name came from Bryanna Sanford – a grade 5 student from Blessed Margherita School. Check out pics of the ceremony here.

Heathrow Park Makeover
A makeover is coming to Heathrow Park in 2015. Improvements will include new lights, pathways, drainage improvements, signage, extending trails, pedestrian bridge improvement, new fences, new surfacing & more. Contact my office for details.

Memorial for Your Neighbour
A memorial will be held for Paulette Pampena who sadly lost her battle with cancer and passed away on July 11, 2014.

You’ll remember Paulette as a friend and neighbour and as the mother of Nicole Pampena who I highlighted in my last e-newsletter. Nicole Pampena is 19 years old, weighs 49 pounds and suffers from Cerebral Dysgenesis (Cerebral Palsy). Her father is blind and Nicole needs round the clock nursing care in order to survive.

The Memorial mass will be held on August 27, 2014 at 7:00 pm at St Norbert’s Roman Catholic Church.

You can still help out the family at .

New Road – James Finlay Way Dedication
The new James Finlay Way will soon be open. This new roadway at Keele and Wilson will provide much needed access for the George Appleton community, and provide relief for traffic at the Keele/Wilson intersection. The late James Finlay was a Parks and Recreation worker in Downsview who worked diligently for our community. Check out pics of the road dedication ceremony here.

Downsview Barbecues!
BBQ time in Downsview. The Grandravine Community BBQ was a great success, check out the pics here.

New 120 Calvington Bus Improvement Coming
It is very difficult to get the improved bus service we need in Toronto to meet demand. However I am proud to announce that an extra bus will be in service on the Calvington 120 starting in September, reducing wait times by at least 8 minutes in the afternoon rush, so you can get home sooner.

Toronto Water Flooding Tips
Click here for some helpful summer tips from Toronto Water.

Downsview Regenerates
Sections of Downsview are set for “regeneration”. This is a classification of zoning that is uniquely set to naturalize an area to be more community-appropriate. As part of this process, an item coming to the Planning and Growth Committee will provide a status update on the consultation process. If you are interested in being involved, contact my office. The report is available for reading here.

Local Appeals Board to Replace OMB
Part of our Set Downsview Free campaign is to free Downsview (and Toronto) from the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The OMB is a quasi-judicial provincial body of unelected and unaccountable people to whom developers turn to overturn City decisions and get approval for developments. The OMB sides with developers 64% of the time and often do so with little regard to wider community impacts and with no input from the local community.

At City Council last week, we voted to approve a Local Appeals Body (LAB) that aims to keep planning decisions local. A LAB would hear appeals to planning decisions and aims to prevent an OMB appeal.

What’s the difference between the OMB and LAB? With a LAB, we, your local elected representatives, decide the guiding principles, and will have a hand in ensuring those on the Board will have the vision for Toronto that truly creates a balance between growth and local needs–which is something often missing in the decisions of the OMB.

You can read more about Toronto’s LAB here.

2800 Keele – Old Post Office Site
This is why the OMB does not work.

Watch my comments in Council as to why the sale of the former Federal Government land at 2800 Keele St. and why the scheduled OMB hearing unfairly handcuffed planners and elected representatives.

Watch here.

When this land was sold by the Federal Government to a developer, I formed a panel of affected residents who helped guide the project with the hope it would be reflective of community concerns, decide where the community benefit money would go, and ultimately have a more acceptable development.

Even before the development proposal came before the North York Community Council for consideration, the developers requested an OMB hearing.  Were the project to be approved at the OMB, Downsview residents would have lost any community benefits destined to improve Downsview Library, help hundreds of area children and youth, and assist in the beautification of Keele Street.  The choice was either to approve the redevelopment and avoid an OMB hearing, or take a gamble at the OMB, surrender all community benefits and be threatened with having to swallow even greater densities.  These pressure tactics render the work of our local panels very frustrating and points to a very unhealthy and fearful OMB process.

An OMB hearing being filed even before the development documents came to community council is a perversion of the OMB’s original intent and just the latest example as to why we need to Set Downsview Free from the OMB. Hopefully our Local Appeals Body, and your advocacy to Set Downsview Free will help do just that.

Her Words on Downsview Park
Long-time community resident, Edith Hay took some time to explain to us why the Set Downsview Free campaign is so important. Watch the video here.

Set Downsview Free Gaining Momentum
Hundreds of your neighbours have taken lawn signs, signed petitions and got involved in helping Set Downsview Free from the Federal Government and the OMB.

It is important that this work continue and you can help by ordering a lawn sign [Click here to order a lawn sign] or start a petition group [click here to download petitions]. You can stop by my community office at 660 Wilson Ave (Just West of Dufferin, north side) to pick up either.

Have a happy summer,


June Update – Help Your Neighbour in Need, Tax Clinics, Sharon Alford on Set Downsview Free + More


Help Nicole Pampena
Your neighbour, Nicole needs your help. Her family is going through an uphill battle.

Little Nicole is 19 years old, weighs 49 pounds and suffers from Cerebral Dysgenesis (Cerebral Palsy). Her father is blind and her mother has terminal liver cancer. Nicole needs round the clock nursing care in order to survive.

Watch her video story here.

Please help by donating so she can continue to receive the necessary care she needs to survive. You can do so directly at: Read more…

Spring News – Get a Free Set Downsview Free Lawn Sign, Ephraim’s Place Renovation, New Keele+Wilson Road + More


Get a Free Set Downsview Free Lawn Sign
Many of your neighbours already have taken a Set Downsview Free lawn sign. Click here to order one.

That’s right. You can show your support for the Set Downsview Free campaign by having a sign on your lawn. Our second batch of signs is arriving soon.

Click here to order a free lawn sign and we will bring it to your home. Or, you can pick one up from our Community Office at 660 Wilson Avenue (West of Dufferin).

It is clear that our community will only get the future we want if we stand up for Downsview together. Read more…

March News – Meet Your New TTC Chair, Maria Augimeri + More


Meet Your New TTC Chair
It is my pleasure to re-introduce myself to you as the new Chair of the City of Toronto’s Toronto Transit Commission.

I am thrilled that a majority of City Council has confidence in my abilities to run an organization that is tasked with getting 2.6 million people moving across our city every day.

In addition to being the Chair of the TTC, I continue to be your Councillor. The Chair position is a responsibility added to the already important work I will continue to do for you. I do not receive extra pay for the added duties. It is a labour of love and I pledge to serve you dutifully as my constituents and as TTC riders. Read More Here

Related News Stories
The Star – Meet the new TTC chair: Maria Augimeri
National Post – Councillor Maria Augimeri to replace Karen Stintz as TTC chair
The Star – Maria Augimeri picked to chair TTC
Toronto Life – Say hello to Maria Augimeri, your new TTC chair
CBC News – Maria Augimeri wants ‘serious talk’ on transit operations
North York Mirror – Council selects Maria Augimeri as new chair of the TTC
Downsview Advocate – Downsview Councillor Maria Augimeri Wins Top Spot at TTC

Community Excited About New Anthony Road Park
On March 18, the Anthony Road Community packed an open house session to view preliminary designs of the new Anthony Road Park which will contain new landscaping, a mini soccer field, a splash pad, playground amenities and more. They say it couldn’t be done, but we saved it from developers and are now building a park for you to enjoy for generations to come. See more pics here, and here.

Ice Storm Debris Pickup
With the onset of spring, the melting snow will reveal bits and pieces of wood debris generated by the December ice storm. Inaccessible until now, this remaining material will be dealt with through the City of Toronto’s leaf and yard waste regular biweekly collection that began March 11. Important Details Here Read more…

Meet The New Chair of the TTC


Dear constituents,

It is my pleasure to re-introduce myself to you as the new Chair of the City of Toronto’s Toronto Transit Commission.

I am thrilled that a majority of City Council has confidence in my abilities to run an organization that is tasked with getting 2.6 million people moving across our city every day.ttc Read more…

February News – Skating Party This Sunday, New Community Office + More


Family Skating Party This Sunday
Grandravine Community Centre will be hosting our annual February Skating Party.

Come meet your neighbours and make new friends.

Sunday February 16, 3:15-5:15pm
Grandravine Community Centre
23 Grandravine Drive

Snacks and hot chocolate provided.
Please bring your own skates.

New Community Office Open!
Getting help has never been easier!

Come down to 660 Wilson Avenue to visit my new Community Office.

I can help you with:

  • Snow Clearing Issues
  • Waste Collection Issues
  • Property Tax and Water Rebate forms
  • Downspout Disconnection Exemptions
  • By-law enforcement
  • Road and curb maintenance
  • And much more..

Click here for map

Visit soon! Read more…

December New Year’s Eve Ice Storm Update


Ice Storm Update and Aftermath

Toronto Hydro is continuing to address those without power. At the height of the storm it was estimated over 300,000 Torontonians were in the dark, though I suspect that number is higher. I was one of those 300,000 without power for 5 days. I was lucky however as I was surrounded by family and had access to a fireplace making it less difficult to endure. Read more…

Toronto Hydro Outage Map – Update


Due to the volume of visitors Toronto Hydro is receiving at its website, it is difficult to access.

Here is a screenshot of the latest outage map for those who cannot access it. Update as of 1:pm, December 23.