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Humber River Regional Hospital (HRRH)

Councillor Augimeri welcomes plans for the Humber River Regional Hospital in her ward. Designed to be a state-of-the-art facility, the new HRRH will provide the residents of Ward 9 and surrounding areas, with highest level of care and improved quality of life.

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Latest Updates

Our New Community Centre Gets $16 Million, Bombardier Sells Its Land, 31 Division BBQ TOMORROW (Saturday) + more!


Bombardier Sells Its Land to Pension Fund
As many of you know, Bombardier has been shopping around its airport lands for some time now. I blew the whistle on this activity in January as it became apparent that they were encouraging the idea that buyers could turn the land into a mass housing complex. The land is not zoned for housing, and I will not zone it for housing, and since January I have been regularly correcting this misinformation.

It was recently announced that Bombardier has sold the land to a Pension Fund; the Public Sector Pension Investment Board which overseas the pension investments of Canada’s Federal employees.

The details of the deal can be read in this Toronto Star article here.

I took the opportunity to issue a press release given the gravity and importance of the land to our community. You can read that here.

New Funding For our Brand New Community Centre
It was a busy week. The same day Bombardier announced its deal with the Public Sector Pension Fund, the Province of Ontario quietly announced it was dedicating $16 million to the creation of our new community centre. This is the estimated 1/3rd cost which means all we need is for the Federal government to come through with its third, and we can get moving on its creation. Though details are broad right now, the new community centre would be located on or near the William Baker lands at Keele and Sheppard. The Downsview Area Secondary plan currently calls for it to be at least 74,000 square feet and feature an aquatics centre and double gym. Exciting! See the Provincial details here.

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Downsview The New ‘It’ Neighbourhood?, New Community Centre + more!


Downsview: Toronto’s next ‘it’ neighbourhood?
I had the pleasure of having a conversation with the Toronto Star’s Tess Kalinowski whose feature on Downsview this past weekend helped capture a lot of the questions surrounding Downsview’s future, competing visions, what is at stake, and what I have been fighting for for over two decades. Read the article in full here.

Downsview’s Brand New Community Centre
The Ontario Government released its budget last week. Digging deep down, on page 272, I found this section about the future of our new community centre.

  • “For the Community, Culture and Recreation Stream, the Province will work with municipalities and not‐for‐profits to identify projects that could be nominated for federal funding, such as the Bridletowne Neighbourhood Hub in Scarborough, William Baker Neighbourhood Community Centre in Downsview and Lawrence Heights Community Centre in Toronto.”

While far from a done deal, the above included detail brings us one-step closer to getting a new community centre in Downsview.

Check out the whole budget here.
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Blowing the Whistle on Bombardier, Skate Party, Snow Clearing + more!


Councillor Augimeri Blows Whistle On Bombardier

You may have seen recent stories regarding Bombardier’s lands in Downsview.

I learned that the company was secretly looking to sell the land to buyers for the express purpose of building apartments. This is not permitted under current zoning. Bombardier, in its dealings, implied that the zoning could change because it would make their land worth a lot more money.

I blew the whistle on Bombardier to stop the secret meetings, to highlight the impossibility of its goals, and to ensure that even if they do sell, the use of this land (for jobs/employment) will not change under my watch without full and open public scrutiny and community involvement.

You may ask “why not housing on these lands?”. Even if permitted, housing on these lands will not be single-family homes. Under new density rules, any new housing would likely be blocks of high-density high-rise apartment towers. This would increase traffic to unbearable levels, put massive pressure on our sewer infrastructure, make life unlivable for residents, and simply not fit with the character of Downsview’s surrounding neighbourhoods. It is the same reason I have been fighting against the sale and development of Downsview Park which aims to put 10,000 new units on federal park land.

This is the second reason to oppose re-zoning of these lands. Think about what out-of-control high rises would mean when Bombardier moves away? Without the restrictions of the Bombardier runway, incredible density increases would be permitted to be built on Downsview Park ballooning the 10,000 planned units to triple that amount. Simply put, the runway restricts the heights of new buildings in our neighbourhood. Without the runway, the sky would be the limit on new developments from Highway 401 all the way to Steeles Avenue.

The third reason to oppose is because of the importance of the zoning that currently exists on the Bombardier lands. The Bombardier lands is currently zoned “employment” which means only jobs-related buildings are permitted, not homes. People need places to work as much as places to live. Additionally, employment lands count for the largest chunk of the City’s tax revenue which helps keep your property taxes low. Over the last few decades employment lands were being converted to residential in our city at a rate that would cause a financial crisis. That’s why in 2013 Council voted to adopt enhanced protections for these lands.

While having an airport and factory there seems undesirable, especially for those who have to endure the traffic as shift changes happen at the assembly plant, the alternative, I’m afraid, is much worse. 10′s of thousands of new apartment units and all the traffic and issues that come with that. That is why I am intent on ensuring that the zoning on this land does not change.

We’ve been dealing with so much uncertainty regarding the sale and development of the federal lands at Downsview, I will not allow Bombardier to pile on to those problems with housing plans of their own.

While I cannot stop Bombardier lands from being sold as it is a private company, I will protect the use of these lands to keep jobs in our city and to stop runaway development from overrunning our community.

I will keep you updated with more as I know it.

Some Reading:
CP24: Councillor Says Bombardier Seeking to Develop Downsview Land for Housing

CBC: Councillor Plans to Oppose Bombardier Sale

The Star: Bombardier Considers Move Away From Downsview

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December Update – City Council to Feds: Transfer Downsview Park to Toronto, New Subway Open + more!


City Council to Feds: Transfer William Baker Lands to City of Toronto
As you may know I have been fighting unconditionally to hold the Federal Government to its word when they promised in 1994 to hold Downsview Park  “in perpetuity and in trust primarily as a unique urban recreational green space for the enjoyment of future generations.”

William Baker Park (pictured below) at Keele and Sheppard is the next portion of the Downsview Lands at risk for sale and development. It is a pristine park space with trails and mature tree lot. It deserves to be saved.

That is why at December’s session of City Council, I moved a motion, Seconded by the mayor, to save these lands from sale and development. Read:

Council voted unanimously to pursue the transfer of these lands to the City of Toronto! This is amazing news and the strongest signal we can send to the feds to stop the sale of these lands and give them back to the local community. Read the full motion here.

I, City Council and the Mayor showed our collective political will to protect these lands. The ball is in the federal government’s court now to show theirs.

I will keep you posted on any further news.

Our New Subway is Now Open!
On December 15, 2017 – 30 years in the making, the new Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension opened to great fanfare. In attendance were many dignitaries including The Premier and the Prime Minister. Downsview has never been more connected. Also, in dedication to the Vitti family, Vitti Street was named beside the Downsview Park subway station. See all photos of the amazing event here.

Do You Know Someone On In-Home Dialysis?
During the debate on the water budget this year, I introduced a new program that will give financial relief to those in the City who do in-home dialysis, and consume a disproportionate amount of water because of it. This new program will forgive the cost of extra water used for this life-saving treatment. If you know someone in our community who does in-home dialysis, please let my office know. The new program is set to be in place sometime in 2018. Watch my Council comments on the program here. Read the description of the new program below.

I Went On A Blind Date
TV Ontario has a new program called Political Blind Date and I was invited on to discuss and show the state of Toronto’s housing with Member of Parliament Adam Vaughan. During my portion of the show, I took Adam to an area just outside our community that has been sorely neglected and showed the state of some housing in our City that cannot be fixed with the redevelopment-style approaches that work downtown. Watch the full episode here.

The DeSario Family Chrismas
Take some time this season to visit to the The DeSario family’s Christmas light show at 165 Benjamin Boake Trail which they put on every year in Downsview to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital. Visit and support!

Season of Giving, Emmanuel Church and Ephraim’s Place Need Your Help
Emmanuel Church Of The Nazarene and Ephraim’s Place to amazing work in our community. Last year after the Church requested help to assist a family in need, over $5,200 was raised.  It has been a difficult year for countless families in Downsview.  Pastor Bill at Emmanuel Church and Ephraim’s Place have been inspired by the generosity of those who received Downsvew’s help last year.  This season, the Pastor and the Church is having a challenge to give $100 to 100 families.

This would spread the blessing and joy around our community by helping many families.  $100. 100 families.  Collection is required ASAP so it can be distributed before Christmas.

Here is how you can give according to Pastor Bill:

1.  Write a cheque to Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene.  Please write “100 for 100″ on the memo line.
2.  Scan the Qr code below on your phone to give online.  This takes you directly to the Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene donation page.  Again, please indicate 100 for 100 on the message line.  Please note there is a 3% processing fee when giving online.
3.  You can email $100 to Pastor Bill directly. He will pass 100% of all money received to the cause.
4.  However you choose to give, please pass this email on to others you want to invite to help.

For more information, you can contact Pastor Bill directly. 416-524-5881.
Please deal directly with Pastor Bill.

Francophone Languages BCCHC Health Services
Francophone Languages Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC) Health Services is a new French language health service program happening at BCCHC. Francophones residents of North York West catchment areas living with many or complex issues can access support services through the System Navigator program offered at BCCHC.  The Francophones Navigator may assist you with determining your needs and accessing

• primary health care providers, chronic disease management (eg. heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and obesity),
• addictions and mental health care,
• social services,
• health care and acute care services at home.
Click here for more info. 

Free Loblaw $25 Card
Loblaw is offering $25 card after admitting to bread price-fixing.  The $25 gift card is a “goodwill gesture” after admitting the company participated in an industry-wide bread price-fixing arrangement.

Here’s how to register:
Customers can visit and enter their email address to be notified once registration opens.

The company expects registration to begin on Jan. 8.

From My Family to Yours, Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year


November update – New Park for Downsview, Shops at Wilson Open + more!


New Park for Downsview
A new municipal park is coming to Downsview next year. In the new Stanley Greene neighbourhood, a municipal park has been planned. With the input of local residents the park will have many features including dog off leash area, water play area, tennis/basketball court, adult fitness, skateboard park, sheltered pavilion/picnic area. Check out the preview pic.

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October Update – Downsview Spooky Events, Halloween Tips, Downsview Virtual Reality + more!


Ancaster’s Haunted Halloween House
Come explore the Ancaster Community Centre which will be transformed into a family friendly Halloween Haunt. Games, treats, and incredible fun. See pics here and here.

Sunday October 29
2:00PM – 5:00PM
Ancaster Community Centre
41 Ancaster Rd

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September 2017 Update – Downsview Job Fair, Coyotes in Roding Park, Downsview Gets a New EMS Station + more!


Jobs Jobs Jobs!
As you know, the Shops at Wilson (the new commercial development at 75 Billy Bishop Way) is beginning to open. I have been working closely with the team at Build Toronto to set up an online job fair for employment opportunities in the shops. Some shops have already opened like Carter’s Oshkosh and Moores, with SnuggleBugz opening this weekend. Starbucks, Nail Gallery and A&W to open soon.

Ongoing Job Opportunities will be available here:

That link just went online and you can begin applying now.

DO NOT FEED the Coyotes in Roding Park
Over the last many months, coyotes have been appearing in Roding Park.

While the sighting of the odd coyote is perfectly natural, and can be a sign of ecological health and balance in our parks, what is not natural is the encouragement of their contact with humans and pets by feeding them.

These are wild feral animals that are unpredictable in their behaviour.

Feeding and interacting with coyotes makes their presence dangerous for all in the park. It encourages their numbers, and makes them less timid of humans (including children) which can lead to attacks, and other harm.

I have directed staff to seek out and remove the coyote dens in the park in an effort to reduce their presence.

But I cannot emphasize enough how unwise and irresponsible activity like that pictured below is.
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July 2017 – Get Money Back Clinics + more!


Get Money Back At One of My Clinics
Attend one of my clinics below to get money back on your water or tax bills.  You have to be a senior or disabled, and there are income and property value requirements too. Contact my office at 416-392-4021 for info. If you have your papers in order, attend one of our clinics below:

Tuesday July 18
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Northwood C.C.
Banquet Hall

Thursday July 20
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Roding C.C.
Room 1 Read more…

June 2017, Movie in the Park this Thursday + more


Movie Night in Mossie Park
CUPE 416 and Friends of de Havilland ‘Mossie’ Park
present a showing of the movie “SING”.

Free Movie
Free Popcorn
Free Raffle!

Weather Permitting
Bring a blanket or lawn chair

This Thursday June 29
@ de Havilland ‘Mossie’ Park
111 Anthony Road

Get Money Back At One of My Clinics
Attend one of my clinics below to get money back on your water or tax bills.  You have to be a senior or disabled, and there are income and property value requirements too. Contact my office at 416-392-4021 for info. If you have your papers in order, attend one of our clinics below:

Tuesday July 18
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Northwood C.C.
Banquet Hall

Wednesday July 20
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Roding C.C.
Room 1

Arts in Roding Park – Fables for the Future
Fables for the future is a theatrical tale of ecological transformation featuring giant puppets, live music, a singing fox, and a dancing robot. Bring your own blanket and a picnic dinner!

Wednesday August 9 to
Saturday August 12
Roding park

Downsview Library Programs
Downsview Library has a lot of amazing programs and events. From 3D printing classes to learning how to camp!

As usual, you can check here to find a program or event for you. Read more…

May 2017, Congrats to Madonna Students, Relay for life + more..


Congrats to Madonna Students
Madonna Catholic Secondary School has an all-girl robotics team that recently  competed in the Skills Ontario Competition with their robots named Turkey and Stuffing.

They are the first all-girls team to do so and they won silver!

An amazing accomplishment, and congratulations again. Read more…